About Me

Born and raised in the Himalayan country of Nepal, I always had a deep appreciation for mountains and nature. I still vividly remember all of those drives that I took with my family–the sharp turns along the winding roads that were carved around the imposing mountains, the fresh air, and the sound of raging water - they will all forever be engraved in my mind. That feeling of insignificance when surrounded by the overwhelming might of nature was so satisfying.

This feeling was rekindled when I moved to Virginia. I started to get into photography in the fall of 2009, when I moved there for graduate studies. In Blacksburg, a small town tucked away in Southern Virginia, I had access to endless hiking trails. Although I had seen the grandeur of nature in Nepal, I never really had a chance to experience it. I started to spend more time outdoors - hiking along the Appalachian trails, driving along the Blue Ridge Parkways, chasing waterfalls accompanied by amazing vistas. I drove extra hours to find a new destination or hiked an extra mile to see another perspective of the landscape. My appreciation for nature turned into deep passion. I wanted to share these beautiful intimate moments somehow - and so began my journey into photography.

First, my photography was primarily focused around landscape until I moved to New York City in 2011. The transition from Virginia to NYC wasn't easy. I had constant withdrawal from being outdoors and used every opportunity to get out of the city. The streets that once confined me, I started to embrace in late 2013. I found myself doing more street and cityscape photography. NYC has helped me grow as a photographer and diversify my approach to photography. I still have lot to learn and this is just a beginning.

If I had to label myself, I would consider myself a self-taught, amateur photographer. Photography feels natural and effortless. It is more than a hobby; it is therapy. A desirable  distraction from reality at times.

If you have any questions or want to work with me, please feel free to contact me at bibekbsingh@gmail.com